free meals on december 22nd 2020

This year was tough  due to economic down turns, by March Covid hits Ghana and we went into a lock down. First one month we made free hot meals to deprived families in Tesano, Alajo, odorkor, Nima and few more on the street corners. Second free meals was organized again for only kids during the  lock down. It was very difficult situation and doing all that maintaining all the COVID-19 protocols.

A third and grand one was repeated on 22nd December 2020 with free face shields donation to them. Casa tomato on second time donated free 50 packs to support the program. Big thank you to all members here in Ghana, Gabon , USA and Kuwait to mention but a few who donated massively to push this selfless agenda. We hope to be able to raise enough coin donations to be able to feed over 1 million kids and families alike who truly can’t afford a decent meal in a day. Our mantra is still shaping all our production. tCg -we start with nothing …. grow each day with something …

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