About Us

the COIN group: Who We Are

The Coin group (tCg) Foundation is an NGO registered in Ghana in 2010.

Our main purpose



To teach individuals in our society to respect each other and stand for each other.


To educate the public on the need to pursue their dreams by using the resources at their disposal.


To promote development that is driven by individuals at the grass-root level.


To address the social needs of our communities, and to promote the innovative ideas of the young and deprived ones in our communities.


To mentor young individuals in our society on how to achieve their goals.

How “the COIN group” works

Save a COIN each day.

After a while saving your COINs, donate your COINs to the COIN group.

With your donations you help to build projects, putting smiles on faces & touching hearts.

Be A Part Of Us

As a group we have grown to learn & realize that collectively we can achieve anything we desire and hope for. All we aspire to do is to put smiles on the faces of deprived persons in our society. We donate coins each day to fund projects & create opportunities for the young (and old) talented ones in our communities.

Our group started very small but our numbers keep growing by the day.
Come on board and join this great & selfless family.

The dream of the COIN group (tCg) will be realized with the help of your coin.
tCg …we start with nothing – grow each day with something.

Join The Group